Greatness Is Upon You

photo credit: steve loya via photopin cc

photo credit: steve loya via photopin cc

On the rare occasion, I cross paths with another individual who just doesn’t seem to enjoy my company. They may send off signals of agitation by my mere participation in the conversation and give off a vibe of disrespect.  They may even strike below the belt with a verbal jab here and there.  When I happen to meet a person like this, I wonder–what is this all about anyway?  Why is this person difficult?  Why don’t they like me?  What did I say or do to offend?

What is IT all about?

Interacting with folks like this, doing one’s best to effectively communicate, it can seem like no matter what is done for the sake of positive interactions, attempts at making amends, and seeing things from their perspective–some folks just aren’t feeling your vibe.  Even though it can be uncomfortable, perhaps people like this cross our paths as a learning opportunity, an opportunity to challenge some aspect of ourselves that requires fine tuning. When I view these strange happenings from that perspective, then I can come to appreciate their brief presence in my life.  They are showing me something within that needs changing, and I get to make the adjustments for a stronger, happier me.  Even if that person loses their cool, I can stay strong and calm and not let it get the best of me.

As these thoughts floated about my mind, I came across this quote:

“Who is truly great?  I hope you can develop the ability to discern true human greatness.  A great person is someone who forges unity among human beings through sincere dialogue, armed with a solid philosophy, feet firmly planted on the ground.  A great person is one who lives among the people and earns their unshakable trust.  Fickle popularity and temporary fads are nothing but illusions.” -Daisaku Ikeda

I might not win everyone’s heart, but as long as I keep my feet firmly planted on the ground, as long as I am genuine and sincere the whole way through, that is the stuff greatness is made of!

What is your special brand of greatness?


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