Living Life With Wellness

photo credit: Twig Aho via photopin cc

photo credit: Twig Aho via photopin cc

On my journey toward becoming a Health and Wellness Coach, I have learned that you can be physically healthy, void of any illness and at the same time lack the experience of wellness.  On the other hand, wellness can be present even in the midst of battling disease.

Wellness encompasses many aspects of life and it doesn’t necessarily mean you are free of health challenges.  Rather, wellness is about living your life to its fullest with a sense of purpose and a loving acceptance of self.  It’s about developing your awareness and living with conscious choice in a way that improves your overall health and well-being.  Wellness is about achieving your fullest potential with vitality and a positive attitude in spite of whatever challenges you face.  These ideas are very Buddhist in nature which is probably why I was drawn to this particular field in the first place.

Along these same lines, Daisaku Ikeda (President of the SGI, a lay Buddhist organization) states:

“HEALTH IS NOT simply a matter of absence of illness.  Health means constant challenge.  Constant creativity.  A prolific life always moving forward, opening up fresh new vistas. That is a life of true health.  An unbeatable spirit is what supplies the power to keep pressing ahead.”

Life is full of difficult circumstances.  That is a fact.  Our challenge then is to enjoy and treasure our lives and the experience of living throughout the stumbling blocks we inevitably face now and in the future.

What challenges do you face today?  How will you respond?  Will you let them beat you down, or will you stand up with the determination to move forward with vitality and that unbeatable spirit to win no matter what?


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