The Heart Knows

Confusion.  Its grip is unbearable.  I have even begged the question, “How much longer will this go on?”  And then it happens.  A moment presents itself, and like a brief break in the clouds, the shining rays of clarity peek through.  In that instant, I understand clear as day that doubt and uncertainty cannot continue.  I absolutely must not allow my fundamental darkness to win! There comes a time when one must simply decide to pick themselves up and dust themselves off.  Feeling sorry for oneself or maintaining a “woe is me” attitude never helped anyone.  Change is inevitable.  Decisiveness is key, and the heart knows.


Decisiveness (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

In Nichiren Buddhism, it is said that our heart determines everything in our lives.  It even has the power to move the universe in the direction one desires.  Essentially, “Our hearts decide our happiness or unhappiness, fortune or misfortune” (Living Buddhism, May 2013).  At times, it seems imperative that for me to fully comprehend matters of the heart, I must become like a fish out of water.  Taking oneself out of one’s comfort zone, while difficult, can speed things along in the direction of change and growth.  In my opinion, this can be very helpful especially when you find yourself saying–“I feel stuck.”  Since your environment is a reflection of you, YOU may very well be the HEART or ROOT of the issue.  If you don’t believe me, just watch Chef Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.  In every episode, the restaurant owners complain that their business is failing, but they don’t know why or they insist that someone else is to blame.  As the show progresses, most come to realize that they are the very reason for financial failure, and if they truly want their business to change then they must change too.  Therefore, taking a good hard look at yourself and what you are responsible for (a.k.a YOUR LIFE) is a crucial first step.  The heart knows.  If you find yourself unhappy, it just may be time to take a step back, stop blaming others, and begin to find those areas where you can change.  You can always choose a different path.  Of course, in the end, no one can tell you what to do.  It is your life after all, and life is all about choice.  Therein lies the beauty.  If you don’t like the direction you are going, you get to choose a different path, a new journey, and a self-transformation.  It really is all up to you!



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