The Importance Of Moving Forward

English: Primary School in "open air"...

English: Primary School in “open air”, in Bucharest, around 1842. Wood engraving, 11x22cm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I found out that my request for a school site transfer was denied.  That means that if I stay in my district teaching, I will have to return to the school I’ve determined to leave behind.  Staying means that I knowingly return to an unhealthy environment.  The challenge is to find a better teaching job before June 30th which is my deadline for informing the district of my resignation.  Otherwise, I’m locked into another contractual year.  Another option is to resign either way.  This is definitely a risky choice because a new position somewhere else is not guaranteed.  And so, I spend the time I have to view my sticky situation from every angle possible, and I take time to commune with the universe of what I really want, the kind of teaching position and work environment that would make me absolutely happy.

As I view my situation with a Buddhist lens, I consider this week’s encouragement…

“Will you take a step forward,

or will you be content to stay where you

are now? Everything in your life

is determined by that.”

-Daisaku Ikeda (Determination–Buddhism For You p. 27)

 The actions we take and the choices we make determine our happiness. 


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