The Determination To Win

English: V for victory Does that mean I'm near...

English: V for victory Does that mean I’m near the top? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Buddhism concerns itself with winning.  When we battle a powerful enemy, either we will triumph or we will be defeated–there is no middle ground.  Battling against life’s negative functions is an indivisible part of Buddhism.  It is by being victorious in this struggle that we become Buddhas.  We have to win.  Moreover, Buddhism ensures that we can definitely do so.”  -Daisaku Ikeda (For Today & Tomorrow)

This encouragement really hit home for me this morning, and I just had to share it.  Lately, I’ve been battling with my personal demons and negativity.  This piece really gave me the strength I needed to pick up my attitude, focus on the positives, and renew my determination to win.

Happy Friday!!!



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