Creating Beauty In Your Life

Lalbagh Beauty

Lalbagh Beauty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“We all long for things of beauty–beauty of nature, of appearance, of life, a beautiful family and so on.  But these cannot be gained if we are withdrawn and isolated, just looking at ourselves.  We must create better relationships with other people and interact with our community and society with an open heart.  We must be kind to nature.  It is only through this process that we really grow and cultivate our own beauty.”  -Daisaku Ikeda (Buddhism Day By Day)

Ideas for Creating Beauty in Your Life

Cultivate and grow plants in your living space.

Organize or take part in a neighborhood cleanup.

Plan a game night with family and friends.

Save an animal! Foster a dog for the Humane Society.

Growing a vegetable garden?  Give some of your earthly goods to a neighbor.

Mentor a child.

Volunteer to babysit for a friend who desperately needs an evening out on the town.

Treat everyone with respect (even if you’re having a bad day).

Cultivate a genuine curiosity about the people around you.  Ask questions and show an interest in their life.

Understand that every relationship takes time and effort.


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