Make Good Causes and Face Your Problems Head On

Nichiren calms a storm in Kakuda

Nichiren calms a storm in Kakuda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Just as flowers open up and bear fruit, just as the moon appears and invariably grows full, just as a lamp becomes brighter when oil is added, and just as plants and trees flourish with rain, so will human beings never fail to prosper when they make good causes.”  –Nichiren Daishonin

The experience you have today, whether good or bad, is the direct result of causes you made in the past.  In Nichiren Buddhism, whatever hardship or suffering, you have the power to make a change.  Your situation offers you an opportunity for growth and progress toward the positive development of a better and happier you.  Avoiding our problems now doesn’t generally work out in the end because we will eventually be faced with similar problems later on down the road.  By facing them now, we have an opportunity to heal from whatever is ailing us and move on to bigger and better things.  From the perspective of Nichiren Buddhism, we are the source of the cause and the solution to our problems.  We can change any problem and improve our situation when we face our inner darkness or ignorance and change ourselves.  By directly challenging our problems head on, we can avoid similar hardships in the future, create a valuable lesson for ourselves in the present, transform our lives, and ultimately change our karma.  That is the power of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.


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