Rules For Healthy Living

Big Sur, California

Today, I came across a crumpled old handout I kept from Awaken Chiropractic in Oakland, California.  The “Help Yourself” list of wellness and healthy living is quite wonderful and goes like this…

Rule #1:  Your body is the boss.  Your body communicates to you so be sure you are listening to what it needs (or doesn’t need).

Rule #2:  Eat.  Foods are best for your body when they are pure, fresh, and nurturing.

Rule #3:  Drink.  Lots of water my friends.

Rule #4:  Minimize.  Reduce your intake of stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, drugs, etc. or anything else interfering with your ability to listen to what your body needs.  And that means I’ve got to check myself on those coffee breaks and chocolate bites!

Rule #5:  Rest.  Give yourself time to relax and reboot.

Rule #6:  Listen to your body.  Try not to do anything that causes your body pain or discomfort.  If you’re not feeling up for something then don’t do it.

Rule #7:  Use your body.  Take time to get some exercise and move that energy….especially if you’re carrying around a lot of stress and tension!

Rule #8:  Meditate.  Take some time to quiet your mind.  This might be any activity that allows you to cast away your worries so that you can re-center yourself.  It could be gardening, knitting, visiting an art gallery, cleaning the house, or simply lying on a mat.  Do whatever brings you peace, joy, and a quieting of the mind.

Rule #9:  Listen to music.  Choose music that produces sensations in your whole body and not just your head.

Rule #10:  Learn.  Make time to find literature that teaches you about your body and healthy maintenance.

Rule #11:  Allow.  Give yourself the time and space you need to feel (happy, sad, anger, frustration, pain).

Rule #12:  Have fun.  Carve out time to engage in a fun activity for yourself.

Rule #13:  Ask Yourself.  “What’s the most loving thing I could do for myself right now?”

Rule #14:  Don’t try to force yourself to do anything you really just don’t want to do!  This is a bit of a repeat, but I included it anyway just for reinforcements.

Happy healthy living, everyone:-) Take care of you!



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