Seven Little Steps That Make A Difference

one day at a time

one day at a time (Photo credit: paloetic)

In the next few weeks I will be moving out of my apartment, and so in anticipation of this I decided to start putting my books into boxes.  I came across one in particular that my father gifted to me several years ago.  Success: One Day At A Time is the name of the book by John C. Maxwell.  I had forgotten about its existence, and I flipped through the pages searching for promised advice.  Evidence suggested that my dad read the book before giving it to me, and I could see all that struck a chord for him neatly highlighted in yellow.  In the first few pages, I found a simple and helpful list entitled “Seven Steps to Success”, and I wanted to share these with you.

#1  Make a commitment to grow daily.

“Success comes only as the result of growing.”  Growth brings about positive changes in your life.  So, why not try something new?  Learn a new skill, take a new class, or make a new friend and see how your life opens up with opportunites.

#2  Value the process more than events.

“It’s the process of change and growth that has lasting value.”  In life, the only way to advance and move forward is to grow and change.  Of course, we will surely struggle and face difficulties along the way.  However, I believe this is life’s way of preparing us for that next adventure.  When I find myself in the midst of a big transition, I remind myself that when one chapter ends, another one begins to brim with wonder and excitement.  That next chapter promises to offer something better than the last.  Isn’t that why we celebrate the New Year?

#3  Don’t wait for inspiration.

If the waiting room is your place of existence, inspiration may never find you.  Life is about taking action.  If inspiration is what you seek, try stepping out of your comfort zone.  Go out, move, engage, and interact with the world around you.  Most likely, you will discover something original and new to excite you.

#4  Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity.

We’ve heard it all before.  Responsibilities come first.  I’ve become pretty good at finding opportunities to procrastinate.  Heck, I’ve even created ways to procrastinate.  But, through the years I’ve learned to take care of what’s important before moving on to that thing I would prefer to do.  Taking care of business is the way forward.  However, I firmly believe that balance is everything.  All work and no play make Heather a dull girl.

#5  Dream big.

“The potential that exists within us is limitless and largely untapped.”  Our brains truly are amazing organs.  Scientific research shows that humans have the power and ability to retrain their brain.  For example, if your tendency is negativity, you can actually train your brain to think in a more positive way.  In the scientific community this is known as neuronal plasticity.  Generally, the limits we face are the ones we place on ourselves.  You deserve happiness so go for it and dream big!

#6  Plan your priorities.

Organization and time management are two essential elements for success.  If these two skills aren’t your strongest points, get a guide and teach yourself.  Find people in your life who do it well, and get advice from them.  Just remember, your life is precious and so is your time.  Don’t waste a single moment.

#7  Give up to go up.

“Nothing of value comes without sacrifice”, and I couldn’t agree more.  Truth be told, if everything in life came easy, we probably wouldn’t appreciate it as much.  True appreciation develops when we struggle and fight for our happiness.  Keep yourself open to the opportunities that come your way, and remember to advance and move forward even if you struggle.

That concludes the steps to success from my little book.  I hope you end this post feeling hopeful and reinvigorated to nurture your goals or take that next step.

What do you think about this list?  Do you see something missing?  What are your secrets to success?  Leave a comment and share your ideas.


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