The Buddha in Your Mirror

This book is a gem and highly recommended for anyone practicing Buddhism or for curious parties interested in learning more.  The Buddha in Your Mirror is an engaging and easy read that offers wonderful insight and practical advice for modern living.  Whether you are struggling with your career, relationships, personal health, or general feelings of dissatisfaction, The Buddha in Your Mirror has something to offer everyone.

Here is a short excerpt from the book’s foreword written by jazz musician, Herbie Hancock.

“Whether you’re reading this book out of mere curiosity or you have a crying need to elevate your life and circumstances, I encourage you to give the practical advice offered in The Buddha in Your Mirror a solid try.  Perhaps the notion of Buddhism seems exotic or far off your own spiritual path.  But if you’re stuck in a rut, it’s time to stop playing life’s ‘butter notes’ and open yourself up to seeing something new in the melody of life.  What can you lose…except your blues?”



  1. This book is a goodie!

    There is also a recent book that has come out called Waking the Buddah, by Clark Strand. This is an amazing book actually written by a non-SGI person. Simply stunning. Just goes to show that the world is watching us and starting to pay attention 🙂

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